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CarSure – An IAS Company

CarSure is a division of Innovative Aftermarket Systems, where we put our primary focus on finding vehicle coverage directly for the consumer. This allows us to provide quality vehicle repair coverage at any point of vehicle ownership – whether you’re just purchasing at the dealership, or if you’ve owned the vehicle for several years. We are a driver’s direct connection to comprehensive vehicle protection, providing coverage options for all types of cars in all types of conditions.

Benefits for Covered Claims **

24-hr Roadside
Plans & Terms
Rental Car
Your Choice of any ASE
Certified Repair Shop
Claims Paid Directly
to the Repair Shop

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Ultimate Protection policies are the highest level of coverage offered. Not only does it cover everything the exclusionary protection does, it also includes Tire and Wheel Hazard coverage.

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Exclusionary Protection policies are our most extensive coverage options and cover almost all electrical, computer and mechanical systems aboard the vehicle.

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Comprehensive Protection policies provide great coverage options for older vehicles. These contracts cover your vehicle’s engine, transmission, drive axle, AC, suspension, steering, electrical system, water pump, fuel system and more.

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Powertrain Plus policies are built to best cover high mileage vehicles. These policies cover major & minor components including your engine, transmission, water pump, alternator, starter, AC, electrical system and more.

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